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wood shingles evansvilleThe Natural Beauty of Wood Shingle Roofing

Wood shingle siding has made a come back over the past couple of decades. That’s probably due to its beautiful character and ability to last for up to 100 years. Shingles really do add charm to any building, whether its a shed, house or country cottage. They’re fairly easy to install and if you use a wood such as cedar or redwood, they’re naturally resistant to rot, insect and weather damage.

Shingles are basically small rectangles of wood that are attached one by one, from the bottom working upwards. Each row, or course, overlaps the one below it. Shingles are usually uniform in size, machine cut to give a smooth, regular finish.

Shakes are a type of shingle that are commonly made from cedar wood. Often they are hand split, giving a much more rustic finish with different sized, irregular pieces.

The most common woods used to make shingles are cedar, redwood and treated pine. You can also buy engineered wood shingle products,which are extremely durable and not susceptible to rot, curling or decay.

The reality of using wood shingles

There are a number of clear advantages of using shingle siding. The most obvious is
the beautiful character it gives to your home.

If you’re using a wood such as red cedar then you also get the natural
resistance to decay, the weather, insects and rot. They’re
also very tough, so a stray baseball
wont dent or mark them.

Other Roof Types

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