Calculating Roof Repairs Indiana and Kentucky

Calculating roof repairs in Indiana and Kentucky can be daunting because it’s almost impossible to estimate the replacement cost of a roof on your own. You need ground measurements of your house. If your roof has overhangs, you’ll need to add (overhang width x 2) to both length and width. The pitch of the roof must be factored in, as well as complexity of the roof construction, height of the building, the number of chimneys, skylights, length of ridge vent, and the number of old material layers to be removed (tear-off). All this is figured in before adding in the replacement materials.

Roofing prices are approximate. They vary based on local materials costs and labor costs in a given area. The graphs below serve only as a guide.

Roof calculate cost

How Much Does A New Roof Cost To Install?

National Average Change Location $7,154
Typical Range$5,108 – $9,679
Low End$1,200
High End$30,000

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