Free 17 Point Roof Inspection

Our Free 17 point roof inspections make sure you’re ready before the next storm hits.

Why do you need a Free 17 Point Roof Inspection? Inspect your roof to catch problems before they happen. A yearly inspection is guaranteed to stop moisture damage and prevent costly repairs to your home.

You can easily see missing tiles and obvious damage, but the experts at regal Roofing are trained to spot problems that can cost a lot of money later.

Some things that can cause the most damage to your home originate from problems with the roof. We’ll check everything from the the construction of the your roof, to the tiles. We’ll also check for moisture and algae growth, leaks and other deterioration from any number of  sources connected to the roof and it’s parts.

Rest assured, Regal Roofing will inspect the thing that comes between your house and the elements to keep your family safe, warm and dry.

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Regal Roofing 17 Point Roof Inspection includes checking for:

  1. Inspect for proper overhang at the gutters and eaves.
  2. Check gutters and downspouts for blockage, damage and proper drainage.
  3. Inspect drip edge at the eave and rake for proper installation.
  4. Inspect roof for missing shingles, improperly fastened shingles, high nails, curled and deteriorated shingles.
  5. Check for any hail damage which includes impact bruising, granulation loss and missing pieces.
  6. Check for correct installation of starters and the number of layers.
  7. Inspect all plumbing pipe boots for dry rot, cracks and deterioration.
  8. Inspect chimney and skylight flashings for proper seal and installation.
  9. Examine chimney brick and rock, check for water tight tuck point and cap problems.
  10. Check all valleys for wear, cracks, and proper installation or deterioration problems.
  11. Check swamp cooler for a water tight seal and any damage.
  12. Inspect all heat stacks for proper installation, storm collar seal and rust.
  13. Inspect wall flashing for proper installation and correct sealing.
  14. Inspect fascia, rake and soffit materials for damage and rot.
  15. Examine interior of house and attic for moisture and dry rot.
  16. Check attic intake vents for blockage.
  17. Inspect all vents and calculate for proper attic ventilation.

Free Roof Inspection

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