We’ll Handle Your Insurance Company

Insurance – Regal Roofing knows how difficult the reconstruction process can be after disasters like hurricanes, tornado and hailstorms.

The most important thing is that your family is safe and no one is injured by the storm.

After the dust settles you have to begin assessing the damages and planning for the repairs.

The first step is to file your claim immediately. If it is a major catastrophe then the insurers are allowed additional time to settle the large volume of claims.

An adjuster’s job is to settle the claim quickly and fairly. They’ll work swiftly to measure and calculate the dollar value of the claim. You may discover that your insurance adjusters estimate is lower than the estimates you are collecting for the repairs that you consider to be necessary.

Your frustration can grow when you discover that you insurance company does not accept typical “Lump Sum” estimates from contractors. After spending a considerable amount of time collecting numerous estimates that are higher than your insurance companies’ estimate of damages, you are told that those estimates cannot be used to justify the additional funds necessary to have the repairs done properly by a licensed and insured contractor.

This is where we come in. Regal Roofing will document and estimate your roof damage so that it may be presented and approved for repairs without the hassle of chasing the “lump sum estimate ” from a typical roofing contractor.

Regal Roofing utilizes the same estimating software that 80% of the insurance companies use to calculate your properly itemized estimate.

We will line item each and every item required to complete your estimate properly and efficiently.

Your claim will be settled faster and fairer when you have professional roof estimators preparing your initial estimate or reviewing and revising the original estimate from your insurance company.



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July 24, 2015